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Visual C++ Resource Center

Microsoft Visual Studio (Orcas): What's NewMinimize
Microsoft Orcas Resource Page
Microsoft’s resource page for the pre-release software for Visual Studio (code name Orcas). Resources include version, data published, download status, an overview, a community technology preview (CTP), system requirements, installation instructions, information on submitting feedback, files to download, links to related resources, and a list what others have downloaded .The CTP includes: the LINQ Project?code name for .NET extensions for language-integrated query, set and transform operations; ADO.NET, Web, client application-level services, C# workflow riles, XML, MSBuilder, UAC manifests in the managed build process, IDE, CLR, office, team architect, team developer, team test, team foundation server, Visual C++ (easily add the Windows “look and feel” to native C++ applications and the Windows Vista “look and feel” features are available by recompiling MFC applications), and Windows communication foundation and workflow foundation.
Microsoft Orcas Forum
Forum: Microsoft’s Visual C++ in Visual Studio (Orcas) forum. This forum deals with questions and issues about C++ in Visual Studio Orcas beta. Some of the topics discusses in this forum include the class designer, interop features, native PODs in C++/CLI, refactoring, C++ TR1, C++/CLI in Orcas, VC++ for Orcas and C++ 0.x, and the new UI features in Orcas for C++.
"An Overview of Visual Studio (code name Orcas)"
Whitepaper: “An Overview of Visual Studio (code name Orcas),” by Tony Goodhew. Discusses developer advances (including productivity, managing the application life cycle and employing the latest technologies), the Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 development, Microsoft Office applications, data handling, web experiences, application life-cycle management (ALM), and a list of the features in Visual Studio.
Visual C++ Orcas RSS Feed
RSS feed: Microsoft’s RSS feed for Visual C++ Orcas Express Edition. A link is provided so that users can view the new desktop, the different menus and their options, and some of the new features and their capabilities including the Solution Explorer, Design Surface, Tabs, Smart Tasks, Controls, Toolbox, Task List, Data Sources Window, Component Tray, Properties and the Properties Detail. To demonstrate Visual C++’s capabilities for game programming a link is provided to Quake II.NET a video game free for downloading. Additional links provide information on getting started with the software, a how-to reference library, and free projects.
Microsoft Visual C++ Team Blog
Blog: The Microsoft Visual C++ Team blog. Learn what features are in the next VC++ edition, read what developers are saying, post questions or leave comments, subscribe to an RSS feed for the blog, see the most recent posts, and read the archives. Additional links to other blogs on Visual C++ and specifications for Friend Templates, STLCLR, .Net Framework Multitargeting in Visual C++, Versioning of Visual C++ Libraries, Asmmeta.exe, dialog templates, enabling/MP, file dialogs, Marshaling Library, MFC support for common controls, scope reduction in VC Libraries, UAV for VC, and Vista common controls are provided.
Richard Russo Visual C++ Blog
Blog: Richard Russo, Microsoft Visual C++ compiler front-end developer team member, discusses what header files are for, some header file frustrations (e.g., long build times and redundancy0, shared declarations, parallelism and modules.
"Resource Editor Updates for Orcas"
Blog: “Resource Editor Updates for Orcas,” by Bogdan Mihalcea, Microsoft Visual C++ IDE team developer. Discusses updates to the Resource Editor to support Windows Vista features and guidelines including: The Dialog Editor’s common controls; the Image Editor has been updated to display PBG images and added “Open in External Editor” to its menu; and the Icon Editor has extended functionality with a navigation bar that can preview images in the opened icon file.
Visual C++ Team Blog
Visual C++ Team blog discusses the Marshaling Library in Orcas (what the library is, what the marshal_context does and tips for using the Marshaling library), Visual Studio Express Orcas, header files and the preprocessor, Visual C++ safe libraries, resource editor updates for Orcas (includes the Dialog editor, Image editor, and Icon editor), Orcas feature specifications currently available (including the Friend templates, STLCLR, .NET Framework Multitargeting in Visual C++, Versioning of Visual C++ libraries, Asmmeta exe, Dialog Templates, Enabling /MP, File dialogs, Marshaling Library, MFC support for Common Controls, Scope Reduction in VC libraries, UAC for VC and Vista common controls), custom wizards, and multi-processor builds for Orcas. You can also view an archive of this blog for the past year month-by-month and read the blogs of the individual team members (links are provided).
CodeGuru Visual C++ Forum
FAQ: CodeGuru’s forum on Visual C++. This forum considers the features and innovations expected on Orcas. Topics include Visual C++ Library updates for Vista, fixes to VC++ 2005, changes to the C++ standard and CodeDOM. Contributors to this forum include Jonathan Caves of the Visual C++ compiler team and Steve Teixeria, Visual C++ Group Program Manager.
"Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow"
Video: “Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow,” with Steve Teixeira (Group Program Manager at Microsoft) and Bill Dunlap (Program Manager at Microsoft). This 33-minute video discusses the evolution of VC++, how managed code has affected VC++, what the Microsoft VC++ team is doing and where VC++ is headed.
"Visual C++ ‘Orcas’?"
Video: “Visual C++ ‘Orcas’?Marshaling Library and MFC Support for Common Controls,” with Sarita Bafna (Program Manager VC++ Libraries Team at Microsoft). This 27-minute video discusses the new VC++ constructs available in Orcas, MFC support for common controls and the Marshaling Library for managed and unmanaged types.

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