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Windows Presentation Foundation Resource Center

Windows Presentation Foundation Training Courses
Training Course: Mastering WPF
Training course: “Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation,” from Wintellect. The course is available in four fee-based formats including a two-, three- and dive-day on-site and a virtual version. Topics include WPF explained, .NET 3.0, flavors of WPF, Silverlight, XAML, editing tools, Visual Studio integration, Expression Blend for developers, resolution-independent applications, properties vs. dependency properties, visual and logical trees, event bubbling, event tunneling, commands, layouts, panels, the WPF Application model, windows vs. pages, navigation, page journal. PageFunctions, XBAP applications, deployment, WPF content model, embedded resources, reusing XAML via logical resources, controls, data binding, WPF binding, data converters, validation, data templates, XML data binding, styles, templates, Media Integration Layer (MIL), core assemblies, the Element Object Model, element manipulation, vector graphics, shapes, brushes, paths, geometrics, visuals, tiled brushes, bitmap effects, animation, storyboards, keyframes, media (adding audio and video), text, the print model, custom elements and controls, performance, 3D, and more.
Essential Windows Presentation Foundation
Training course: “Essential Windows Presentation Foundation,” from Developmentor. This fee-based course covers the WPF architecture, how XAML is used to describe the interface, using tools to design and debug applications, using data binding to link elements with collections, objects and XML data, creating animations and special effects, changing the appearance of controls and themes, deploying to the web with XBAP (XAML Browser Application) and Silverlight, and asynchronous execution with WPF.
Complete Windows Presentation Foundation
Training course: “Complete Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF),” from Intertech. This is a three-day fee-based course that covers WPF object model, XAML use, use of deployment tools, the control content model, layout managers, data binding, styles, graphics, navigation applications and XBAPs.
Programming Windows Presentation Foundation
Course: “Programming Windows Presentation Foundation,” offered by US San Diego Extension. This fee-based course covers form layout, controls, data binding, styles, control templates, resources, graphics, animation and custom controls.

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