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Mashups Resource Center


APIs Commonly Used to Make Mashups
The Yahoo! Maps APIs
Check out the Yahoo! Maps APIs that allow you to build mashup applications using Yahoo! Maps. Site include example applications, documentation, a FAQ, blog, community sites, and more. Check out the Yahoo! Maps Application Gallery to see some of the applications developed by the community. Search by editor's picks, most recently added, highly rated and most popular. You can also search for mashups using specific APIs including Flickr,, search, travel, music, shopping, messenger and more.
The Technorati APIs
Link to the Technorati APIs including:
  • CosmosQuery—find all of the blogs that link to a specific Web site.
  • SearchQuery—search blogs for mentions of keywords.
  • OutboundQuery—see which blogs are linked to a given blog.
  • BlogInfoQuery—find blogs associated with a specific Web site.
  • And others.
The eBay API
Become a part of the eBay Developers’ Program to access the eBay API.
Google AdWords API
Google AdWords API can be used to help manage your AdWords advertising programs. Collaborative Calendar API
Collaborative calendar API. allows users to add events or comment on events posted by others. Use the API to syndicate event listings to your site or blog.
Dropcash API
API that helps you set up your own fundraiser, charitable or otherwise. It uses TypeKey authentication services from Six Apart, and PayPal for payment services. Add it to your blog, newsletter or Web site.
Backpack API
Backpack API can be used to help organize tasks and events, plan your schedule, collaborate with others, monitor your competitors online and more.
FlickR API
FlickR API can be used to add pictures to your mashup.
Blogger ATOM Feed API
Blogger ATOM feed API, commonly used to update blog entries.
The TypePad ATOM API
The TypePad ATOM API can be used to gather a list of blogs, get a list of categories in a blog, retrieve posts, etc.
Virtual Earth Mapping Tool
Check out the Virtual Earth mapping tool from MSN that combines local search and mapping capabilities.
The Google Maps API
The Google Maps API allows you to add Google Maps to your web applications and mashups. Site includes Google Maps API documentation, a blog, help, a discussion group and more.

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Update :: March 26, 2019