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Mashups Resource Center


Mashups Articles
New Microsoft Business Solutions' Web Services,1895,1929486,00.asp?kc=ewnws022206dtx1k0000599
Article:  "Microsoft Business Apps Unit Readies New Web 2.0 Mashups," by Mary Jo Foley. Discusses the new Microsoft Business Solutions' Web Services add-ons for their ERP and CRM applications.
"Mashup Apps and Competitive Advantage"
Article entitled “Mashup Apps and Competitive Advantage: Benefits of mashups including user experience.”
“The Branding and Mapping Mashup"

 Article entitled “The Branding and Mapping Mashup.” The article discusses how mashups can be used to bring brands to users based on geographic location. For example, users can find the cheapest gasoline in their area. This gives a business a chance to increase sales and reputation in its area.

Mashups Using Google Maps
Article that discusses the proliferation of mashups that use Google Maps.
Article on newsmashing—a mashup of blogs with the news stories to which they refer. This allows you to see a complete article and read the commentary from the blogosphere so that you can get the whole story (and perhaps know that the blogger is telling it straight).
“Sampling the Web’s Best Mashups"
Business Week Online article entitled “Sampling the Web’s Best Mashups” that lists 10 popular mashups.
"Technology: Time For Your Mash-up?"
Article: "Technology: Time For Your Mash-up?" by N'gai Croal. Discusses the history of mashups, music mashups, video mashups, and Web apps.
"Pop Music 1 + 1 + 1 = 1: The New Math of Mashups"
Article: "Pop Music 1 + 1 + 1 = 1: The New Math of Mashups," by Sasha Frere-Jones. Discusses the history of mashups and how they are formed.
"IBM Offers Enterprise Mashup Tool"
Article: "IBM Offers Enterprise Mashup Tool," by Phil Muncaster. Discusses IBM's announcement of its Enterprise Mashup framework that helps users create their own mashups quickly and easily.
"Mashups: An Easy, Free Way to Create Custom Web A
Article: "Mashups: An Easy, Free Way to Create Custom Web Apps," by Brian Satterfield. Discusses the tools and resources for building mashups. Lists several mashup sites including Givezilla (for nonprofits), Podbop (MP3 files and concert listings), and Strmz (streaming video, video blogs and video podcasts).
"Mashups- The API Buffet"
Article: "Mashups—The API Buffet," from Factiva. A clear explanation of what mashups are and how they are created.
"Mashup Data Formats"
Article: "Mashup Data Formats: JSON versus XML/XMLHttpRequest," by Daniel B. Markham. Compares the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and XML/XMLHttpRequest technologies for use in Web applications.
"An Introduction to Mashups"
Article: "Mashups the New Breed of Web App: An Introduction to Mashups," by Duane Merrill. Discusses what mashups are, types (genres) of mashups (mapping, video, photo, search, shopping, and news), related technologies (such as architecture, Ajax, Web protocols, screen scraping, semantic Web, RDF, RSS and ATOM), technical challenges (including data integration and component challenges), and social challenges.

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