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Web 2.0 Resource Center


Web 2.0 Software and Tools
Content Search
Search for Creative Commons content that you can use for commercial purposes and search for content that you can modify. Creative Commons allows authors and artists to make their content available with "some rights reserved" so that others can use the content without contacting the author or artist for permission. This is a non-profit site that offers authors and artists flexible "some rights reserved" copyrights versus the traditional "all rights reserved" copyright.
RSS Feed Source
My Yahoo! is one of largest sources of RSS feeds. You can use this to put all of the sites and content you want-news, blogs, sports scores, weather, in one place.
To-Do List Manager
Remember the Milk is a to-do list manager. Keep track of your tasks, manage them, get reminders (via email, SMS and IM), plan your time, collaborate and more.
To-Do List Service
Shareable to-do list service that allows you to keep track of your tasks, create to-do lists for others, turn your to-to list into an RSS feed and more.
To-Do List Manager
Voo2do is a to-do list manager that allows you to keep track of your to do list, edits tasks, group projects, collaborate on projects and tasks with others, take notes on your progress, track deadlines and see a history of your tasks.
Personal Web Start Page
Create your own personal web start page with news, weather, stock quotes, RSS feeds and more.
Personal Start Pages
Create free personal start pages with news and information gathered from hundreds of sites, post reminders on your page, store bookmarks, share photos and more.
Online Content Sharing Site
Clipmarks allows you (the community) to take editorial control of information from online resources. Users take nuggets of information from web pages and post the clips on Clipmarks to share with other users. The Clipmarks community controls which clips appear on the top. Search by category, latest clips, Today's Top 20 and more.
Social Link-Sharing Site
Shadows is a social link-sharing (or bookmarking) site that allows users to find content others find interesting, discuss the content and rate the content. Site includes FAQs, tagging tips, support groups, a tour of Shadows, toolbars, tools for bloggers and MySpace users and more.
Electronic Serial Numbers (ESNs) Assigner
Numly assigns Electronic Serial Numbers (ESNs) that allows you to have digital rights management of your content.
Online Portfolio
Carbonmade is for creating and maintaining an online portfolio of art and illustrations.
Best Stuff in the World
The Best Stuff in the World allows you to suggest what you think is the best (of anything).
Submit Music and Videos
Starfrosch allows you to submit your music and videos and then have the community rate them.
Surf Web Pages and Chat with Visitors
Maywehelp allows you to surf a web page and chat with other visitors.
Budget Analyzer
Pearbudget allows you to analyze budgets and track spending.
Web Publishing System
Textpattern is a web publishing system.
Social Bookmarking,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,372/Itemid,26/
Scratchlist a partly automated social bookmarking.
Social Bookmarking
Diigo is used for social bookmarking. It also allows you to annotate a web page.
Web-Based Office Suite
Thinkfree is a web-based office suite.
Mobile Social Bookmarking Tool
Mobilicious is for mobile social bookmarking tool.
Wordofblog allows you to spread the word things you like or causes you care about.
Publish and Share Lists
Flexlists allows you to publish and share any type of list.
Share Bookmarks,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,1239/Itemid,26/
Bibsonomy allows you to share bookmarks and literature lists.
Resource Sharing Site
Sparkhive share and store your thoughts, ideas, research and bookmarks.
Share Topic Tips
7tipson allows you to share tips on any topic or simply review the tips that are already posted.
Share Virtual Picture Tours
Flyinside allows you to create, publish and share virtual picture tours. Simply upload your digital pictures and write a description to create a presentation.
Distributed Digital Identity System
Openid is a distributed digital identity system.
Financial Website is a financial website that utilizes its community to calculate investment strategies. Simply enter a stock's symbol or a keyword to start your search.

File Sharing Site
Orbitfiles allows you to store, access, file and share files.
Social Networking Site;jsessionid=877D3E2794AB5DB2E5676AAC46DF2AE5
Yorz is a social networking site that allows you to join a group and post a resume.
Local Job Search
Simplyhired is a local job search. Search by keywords (engineer) or location (city, and state) or use both.
Print and Share Pictures
Fotki allows you to upload, print and share pictures.
Record the Position of User Clicks on a Web Page
Clickdensity records the position of every user click on a web page. It also provides user behavior analysis, segmentation and tracking.
Photo Sharing Site
Zoto is a photo sharing site where you can organize your pictures, share them, publish them to your blog and more.
Upload and Store Photos
Upload and store your photos, share them with friends and family, search for images provided by the community and more.
Community Control of Editorial Content
Reddit allows the community to control the editorial content of the site by adding content resources and voting on the content submitted by others. Over time, Reddit learns your likes and dislikes and can filter the content based on your specific tastes.
Social News Site
Gabbr is a social news site that allows you to read and comment on news and blog entries posted from resources all over the web. Submit your blog entries and allow the community to comment.
Combine Multiple Sites
This site rolls together the sites and web clips from Digg, Slashdot and It removes the redundancy and allows you to find the best of the sites, all in one place.
Content Submission Application
Digg allows users to drive the content on the site. Users submit articles and the community votes on the articles submitted.
Personal Publishing Platform
WordPress is an open source personal publishing platform.
GoogleCalendar allows you to create and share events and keeping track of appointments and meetings.
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Tool
Macromedia Flex 1.5 helps you develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) which combine the features of desktop software with the reach of web applications.
Tool for Creating Video
Macromedia Flash is a tool for creating video, graphics and animation for Web sites, presentations, mobile content, etc.
The Most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006
Blog entry: "The most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006," by Dion Hinchcliffe. Rates the best software by category.
The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005
Blog entry: "The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005," by Dion Hinchcliffe. Rates the best software by category including social bookmarking, Web 2.0 start pages, online to do lists, peer production news, image storing and sharing, 3rd party online file storage, blog filters, grassroots use of Web 2.0, web-based word processing, online calendars, and project management and team collaboration.
JavaScript Library is a JavaScript library for use with web sites and web applications that incorporates an animation framework, drag and drop capabilities, Ajax controls, DOM utilities and unit testing. It is used by numerous Web 2.0 companies. Download the software for free. Site includes a wiki, FAQ, forums, demos and more.

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